Houghton Documents in the Possession of Dr. Charles J. Vella

Houghton Documents in my possession (I will research for you):


Ralph Houghton Signature and print - jpeg

Sketches of the Town of Lancaster MA by Joseph Willard, 1826 - pdf

Diary of Rev. Royall Houghton, circa 1830- pdf

Shevah Houghton Rev. Manuscripts, 1832 - pdf

Reports of Wm. A. Burt and Bela Hubbard: esqs., on the geography, topography of ...South Shore of Lake Superior by Jacob Houghton (Jr.) and T. W. Bristol, 1846 -pdf

The Life of Spencer Houghton Cone, 1856 - pdf

Houghton Family Tree Ornate Graphic, prob. Francis W. Houghton 1858 - jpeg

Houghton Genealogy of Francis W. Houghton of NY, 1869 - long sheet original Report to Houghton Association, Columbus Smith, 1869 - pdf

Report of the directors of the Houghton and Ontonagon Railroad Company, 1871 - pdf

Poems by Horace Hoskins Houghton, 1872 - pdf

Evenings at home in Spiritual Seance, Georgiana Houghton, 1882 - pdf

Kings of Fortune by Walter R. Houghton, 1888 - pdf

Memoir of Douglass Houghton (signed) by Alvah Bradish, 1889 - pdf

Douglass Houghton, by Alexander Winchell, 1889 - pdf Lancaster MA VRs - Nourse 1890 - pdf

Early Printing in America by Henry Oscar Houghton, 1894 - pdf

History of Town of Berlin MA by William A. Houghton, 1895 - pdf

Proceedings at Dedication of Houghton Memorial, 1895 - pdf

Arthur Boyd Houghton: A Selection of His Work - Arthur Boyd Houghton - pdf

Henry Oscar Houghton by Horace E. Scudder, 1897 - Word Doc. and pdf

Houghton Genealogy by D. A. Keizer, 1897 - pdf

Houghton Memorial Chapel Address, 1899 - pdf

Ornamental Concrete without Molds by A. A. Houghton, 1910 - pdf

The Houghton Pond by William A. Houghton, 1911 - pdf

John Wesley Houghton's Introduction Letter soliciting information for 1912 Genealogy - Word Doc

Houghton Genealogy, 1912, J.W. Houghton (electronic version by Ralph Houghton)

Houghton Genealogy, 1912, J.W. Houghton (reprint) and pdf

Two Boys in the Civil War and After by William Robert and M. B. Houghton, 1912 - Word Doc.

Moral Significance of Animals as indicated in Greek Proverbs - Herbert Pierrepont Houghton, 1915 - pdf

The Business of the College by Herbert Pierrepont Houghton, 1916 - pdf

The Shelleys of George by Beatrice York Houghton, 1917- pdf

The Ropers of Sterling and Rutland by Ella E. Roper, 1921 - pdf

Genealogical Memoirs of the Reding, Conover, Hoagland and Houghton Families by Clara Primm, 1930 (Donated to Sutro)

We Houghtons by Luella Houghton Pringle, 1938 - pdf

Houghton Genealogy 1066-1953 by Imogene Uran, 1953 - original handwritten copy (Donated to Sutro Library) and typed copies

The Memoirs of Orley Clifton Houghton, 1950s; edited by William D. Houghton, 2010 -pdf

Houghton Critique by Snow - Word Doc. Jonathan Houghton Bible - pdf

Florence Houghton Marshall Publications List

Rowland Houghton's Theodolate, article in American Surveyor, 2004 - pdf

Houghton Vital Records in Vertmont 1760-1980 Compiled by Charles J. Vella (A 400 page handwritten compilation of every Houghton surname vital record from 1760 to 1980 at the Middlesex VT Division of Records. 2004 Donated to the Sutro Library in San Francisco.)

Alanson B. Houghton by Jeffrey J. Matthews, 2004 - book

Houghton Ancestors by William D. Houghton, 2009 - book and pdf

Descendents of Rev. Ralph Wheelock by R. Sullivan, 2010 - pdf

Michigan's Columbus the Life of Douglass Houghton by Steve Lehto, 2010