Earliest Houghton/Haughton Immigrants to America
by Charles J. Vella, PhD (c)

Henry Haughton of Salem, MA:

The first Haughton emigrant to New England was Henry Haughton. He arrived in New England with Higgenson's fleet in 1629. He removed to Salem, MA and was elected an elder, and died in the first winter, 1629.

William Houghton, CT:

William Houghton arrived on the Increase in 1635, aged 22, a butcher. He settled in CT.

Christopher Houghton, VA

Christopher Houghton immigrated to VA in 1635.

John Houghton of  Eaton Bray, England:

John Houghton of  Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire. He migrated in 1635 on the Abigail, aged 4 [sic]  with a certificate of conformity from the justices of the peace and the minister of Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire, was enrolled at London as a passenger for New England. This is not the John Houghton of Lancaster, MA.

Richard Haughton of New London, CT:

Richard Haughton arrived prior to 1638 and settled in Boston, MA. He eventually removed to New London, CT. where he died in 1681.

Mary Houghton, Charlestown, MA:

Mary Houghton married Capt. Francis Norton, Jr. before 1625. She arrived in New England in 1637 and settled in Charlestown, MA. She died in 1691.

John Holton/Houghton,  Hartford, CT:

John Holton was born in CT in 1640

Sarah Houghton,  Boston, MA:

Sarah Houghton married John Leverett in 1647 in Boston, MA. She died in 1705.

William Houghton of Providence, RI:

William Houghton was said to reside in Providence Rhode Island in 1649.

John Houghton of Dedham, MA:

John Houghton is the first mentioned Houghton in a tax list of 1651 in Dedham, MA. He married Abigail Fisher in 1667. He died in Northampton, MA in 1712. He was a noted wood worker.

Christopher Houghton,  VA:

Christopher Houghton immigrated to VA in 1652.

Ralph Houghton of Lancaster, MA:

Ralph Houghton, the emigrant ancestor, was probably born in England circa 1624. Despite many  attempts to connect him to the English de Hoghton family, Baronets of Hoghton Tower, his ancestry remains genealogically unproven and unknown. There is no verifiable information about Ralph prior to his emigration to New England, circa 1647-1651. After his arrival in the Massachusetts, he settled outside of Boston in either Charlestown or Watertown, Middlesex County, MA. He married Jane Stowe, circa1647-1650, it being unclear whether the marriage took place in England or Massachusetts. Jane was born in England circa 1626; her parentage is unknown. In 1652 he was one of four signers of  the incorporation of Lancaster, MA. He was clerk of the writs (town clerk) from 1656 to 1686. He became a freeman in 1668. He served as a deputy to the General Court, and was a selectman of Lancaster. In 1690 he removed permanently to Milton, MA, where he died in 1705.

John Houghton of Lancaster, MA:

John Houghton, the emigrant ancester, was probably born in England circa 1624. His ancestry remains unproven. He emigrated probably circa 1647-1650. He married Beatrix. Her parentage is unknown. John subscribed to the Lancaster covenant in 1653. He died in 1684.

John Houghton of Stony Brook, NJ:

John Houghton, the emmigrant ancestor, was probably born in England before 1660. His ancestry remains unproven. He emigrated circa 1687 to New England. He married Dyna Phillips. Her ancestry is unknown. He settled near Princeton, NJ, at Stony Brook, NJ circa 1690. He was probably a Quaker. He died circa 1709.

Thomas Haughton,  VA:

Thomas Haughton was in Westmoreland Co., VA and then in South Carolina in 1681.

John Hooton of NJ:

John Hooton is mentioned in multiple deeds in NJ between 1680 and 1690.

Samuel Houghton,  Burlington, NJ:

Samuel Houghton was in guardianship as "a lunatic" in 1692 in Shrewsbury, NJ. He had previously lived in Burlington NJ.

If using this material please use citation: "Houghton Surname Project, authored and compiled by Charles J. Vella, PhD"

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