Houghtons in the US Census 1790 to 1950

The author has systematically compilied all of the Houghton surname listings and information in the US Census from 1790 to 1950. It took 14 years and includes 45,000 Houghton and Haughton heads of households and family listings. The current findings are listed under "Houghtons in the Census" on the Main Page or you can select specific Houghtons listed in the Houghton Surname Index.

Michael J. Houghton  has  contributed to the Houghton Surname Project a compilation of
all Houghton surname references in the 1790 to 1930 US Censuses in Excel files that can be dowloaded and searched (Once you click and download into Excel, use alt-F) :

1790 Census
      1800 Census     1810 Census

1820 Census
      1830 Census     1840 Census
1850 Census
      1860 Census     1870 Census

All Houghton Listings in all US Censuses
(This contains both an unsorted and sorted listing of all Houghtons listed in 1790 to 1930 censuses)

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