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The Houghton/Haughton DNA Project:

Current Volunteer Count: seventy-nine DNA contributors

There are currently fifteen separate Houghton/Haughton lines.

We still need many more male Houghton/Haughton surname volunteers to definitively prove this.

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There is now evidence that Ralph Houghton of Lancaster MA, John Houghton of Lancaster MA, John Houghton of NJ , Elijah Houghton of VA, Thomas Houghton of England, and Matthew Houghton of England did not share a common ancestor and, therefore, are not related.

We now have 26 separate Houghton/Haughton lines confirmed by DNA:

21 Houghton lines:

1 Ralph Houghton of MA via 7 Houghton DNA volunteers

2 John Houghton of MA via 14 Houghtons

3 John Houghton of NJ via 4 Houghtons

4 Elijah Houghton of VA, USA via Thomas Roger Houghton

5 Thomas Houghton of England via Jeffrey Russell Houghton

6 Matthew Houghton of England via Daniel Houghton

7 Frederic S. Houghton of Norwich, England via Frederic James Houghton

8 William Guy Houghton of England via Daniel Robert Houghton

9 Robert Houghton of England via Rex Edward Houghton

10 John Houghton of Canada via Neil Arthur Houghton of Australia

11 Charles W. Houghton of England via Guillermo Houghton

12 Edward William Houghton of England via Frederich Beryle Houghton

13 Asa Houghton of NY & England via Brian Blake Houghton

14 Neil Houghton of Australia via Neil Houghton

15 Casco Houghton of USA via Laurence Bradlee Houghton

16 Edward Lewis Houghton of England via Brian Lewis Houghton

17 Henry Houghton of England via George Houghton of CT

18 George Houghton of England via David Brian Houghton

19 James Houghton of Widnes, England via John Houghton

20 Anthony Holton/Houghton of England via Neil Henry K. Houghton

21 Stephen Houghton of England via James Robert Houghton

5 Haughton lines:

1 Richard Haughton via Kenneth Edward Haughton

2 Alfred Haughton via

3 Joseph Haughton of Ireland via Peter James Haughton

4 Steven Patrick Haughton of Ireland via Steven Patrick Haughton

5 Anthony Alexander Haughton via Anthony Alexander Haughton

Hooton Lines:

1 Thomas Hooton via Michael Dean Hooten

Horton Lines:

1 Barnabas Horton of England via Joseph Horton

2 Joseph Horton via Raymond D. Horton

Howton Lines: 1 John Herschel Howton via John Herschel Howton


If using this material please use citation: "Houghton Surname Project, authored and compiled by Charles J. Vella, PhD"